V.I.P. Program

All pets feel better after a good groom, (whether they want to admit it or not). They feel fresh and happy. Your groomer is pleased when your pet comes in for a regular upkeep as well. It shows care and attention for your pet and it keeps your pet healthy and well maintained so that grooming is not a horrible experience for them, it also helps with shorter grooming time.

Posh Paws is proud to present you with our maintenance program. This program is for people who want to keep their pets looking wonderful, healthy and feeling great all the time. This program is also a great way to save you money!!

It’s Simple, when you bring in your dog for his/her groom, mention that you would like to go on the V.I.P. maintenance program. On your next groom you will receive 10% off, if your groom is within 6 weeks. You may pre-book your appointments according to your schedule every 6 weeks or less, even a full year in advance if you would like. If you are unsure about booking that far in advance, you may book each appointment upon picking up your pet.

At 6 weeks your pet should be ready for a really good tidy up or a full grooming. Depending on the previous hairstyle your pet received and the lifestyle you include your pet in, your pet may need to be seen sooner.

Keep in mind that unlike us, your pets are unable to groom themselves, they are unable to tell you "Mom, my back legs are starting to get really tight...I think they are matted", So if you are not consistent in the upkeep of your pet, your pet may end up walking around in pain or very uncomfortable. The maintenance program also provides you with other "Perks", holidays and special occasions are guaranteed to hold a slot for your pet.

What’s the catch?
Well there is one...  If you start your maintenance program and you are unable to make your next 6 week appointment, you must re-book with in the next week to still receive your 10% off. If you cancel or skip your appointment and you are passed your one week grace period, you will pay full price for your next groom. Your maintenance discount will resume after your schedule regulates.