Mission Statement

We will treat every client and their pet with respect and compassion. Although we are performing a service for the client, we will always put the health and safety of their pet first and foremost, even if we have to forgo payment for a service we should not perform, so that the pets’ safety and health is not compromised.

The care of pets is our primary concern and our purpose. We will strive to offer a quality of care for our pets that is limited only by what our pet owners are willing to pay for.

We value the health, comfort and well being of all pets under our care. The safety of your pet is of utmost importance.

Although difficult to measure, we acknowledge and value the pleasure and happiness of pets under our care. We will work hard to nurture these emotions in all of our pets.

We will do what we promise people and although at times it may be difficult to hear, we will say only those things that are true about our experiences with their pets.

We value Quality in the services we provide. We will strive to do the right things the first time and every time.

               Our #1 Priority... Your Pet's Happiness.