About your Grooming shop

Find A groomer who genuinely likes Pets Being skilled with clippers and scissors is nice, but nothing is more important than a caring attitude. A groomer who likes dogs and knows how to relate to them is going to put your pet at ease and make the whole grooming experience more enjoyable, or at least less stressful. Visit potential groomers, and notice how they interact with dogs. Do they seem to enjoy the company of canines? Or do they see grooming as just a job, and the pets around them as "work projects?"

Ask For Recommendations You might want to start with your local vet’s office. Your vet will be pretty choosey on who they recommend. Groomers should also be willing to give you the names of customers, especially ones who have pets the same size, breed or temperament as your dog. Ask these customers about their experience.

See Where Your Dog Will Be Kept When Waiting Depending on the breed, some  large or giand breeds of dogs will have to wait several hours at the groomer for their coats to dry. Check out where a groomer will make your dog wait. Is it spacious enough for a dog of your pet's size? Is it secure? Since your dog will be wet, is there a draft? Does the area get too hot in the summer? Will your pet be separated from other dogs who might be in a fighting/biting mood?

Make Sure The Groomer Doesn't Overbook You should be leery of a groomer who seems too eager to "squeeze in" your pet between two other dogs. A groomer who does this may be more interested in "turning out" the maximum number of pets than doing a good job. That being said, the salon might have a legitimate opening that day, and you would be lucky to get a same day appointment.

Check Out The Groomers Style There is an art, as well as a science, to pet grooming. Every groomer will bring her own distinctive style to process of clipping, brushing and prettying up your four-footed pride and joy. Some groomers will stick very closely to the "standard" breed cut, while others might be more prone to add a dramatic flair to their work. Make sure that a groomer’s style is compatible with the look that you have in mind for your pet.

Be aware that a busy grooming shop will have several groomers working there. You should be able to book your next appointment in advance (2+ weeks) with the same groomer if you prefer that. Most grooming shop owners choose groomers who are skilled, but also tend to hire a groomer who clips in a similar manner and style that the owners do. They usually require this as a condition of employment.