The prices that are shown are just the minimum basic prices. Each individual dog will vary in price and may not necessarily be the minimum price shown. Many factors contribute to price change; Size of your pet, condition of coat, behavior of your pet, if any Medicated Shampoos are necessary, just to name a few.
Please refer to the page "ESTIMATED GROOMING FEES" for more specific rates.

All Grooming services Are By Appointment Only.
--Please Call In Advance For Services Needed.--

There is also an extra charge added if your dog is extremely matted or difficult to handle, aggressive. (Keep in mind that there is a limit to the aggression allowed) If it is hard for you to understand why Groomers would even think about charging extra for behavior, I’ll show you my scars...

The term 
“Full Groom”  which includes:

  • Bath   
  • Blow Dry/ Fluff Dry
  • Hair cut if breed requires this
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Tidy up sanitary area
  • Ear Cleaning, (and plucking if necessary)
  • Nail Trim and pad shaving if the breed requires this
  • Cologne or Perfume
  • Bows and/or Bandana



Single Services are provided and they include:

 Nail Trim-small breeds
  ~Cats & medium/ large breed dogs

 Ear Plucking & Cleaning


 Anal Glands Expelled


 Sanitary clippering


 Quick Trim (Feet, Face, Nails, Sanitary area)


 Facial tidy up (removing hair between eyes, scissoring to neaten)



Other Services Provided Are:


 With Groom

 Without Groom

 Toe Nail Coloring



 Hot Oil Treatment

     & up


Medicated Shampoo


 $30.00 +/-

Theraputic Massage with Aroma Therapy


depending on breed and size

 $15.00 & up

depending on size / breed

Posh Paws also offers a very unique service to our existing clients. We can take care of your pet for a day, or for overnight stays. Although we are not a boarding facility per se', we like to offer a non-traditional "one on one" pet sitting experience. Since I live on the property I can take in one familys pet(s) and keep them in a comfortable and non-threatening home environment with me. I do not take in multiple families dogs, so be sure to call for your extended stay reservation as soon as you know when you will need the service.
We charge $25.00 per day (not per night) for this special treatment.
    Slightly higher for dogs on medication or who have special needs.
Day care is usually $12.00 and up, per day depending on your dogs breed/size.
Dogs must be well behaved, pet friendly, and up to date on all vaccines.