Estimated Grooming Fees -these are estimates only

We do not have "cookie cutter" price lists for grooming specific breeds of dogs. We take each pet on an individual basis and price our services according to the type of dog, the coat texture, the condition of the coat (slightly tangled, severely matted, grimy or dirty, length of time since last professional grooming) the type of clip you want, and the dogs temperament.
Our service ALWAYS includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, pre bath "rough cut", bath, blow drying and a final finishing cut. We usually dremmel down the nails if a dog will tolerate this.
We use premium shampoos that do not contain detergents, and that are made in Michigan.
On averge our prices range: For dogs who have longer hair and who require a hair cut
small breeds are anywhere between $38.00 to 42.00
medium breeds $40.00 to 50.00
large breeds $50.00 to 65.00
giant breeds $65.00 & up
Bath & brush dogs are dogs who do not reguire a hair cut because they have a flat type of
 coat that does not grow in length, like a lab, shepherd, beagle, etc...
These types of dogs are also priced out according to size, condition, length of time between professional groomings and temperament. Bath & brush service includes, nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, deshedding, bath & blow dry.