Clip Information

There are many hairstyles that a groomer would be able to perform. Some more detailed and timely, would be determined and based on your dogs coat and whether or not it is manageable.

First let me list the basics and then I will explain them.

  • Teddy Bear Clip or Kennel Clip 
  • Lamb Clip   
  • Breed Clip
  • Bath and Tidy
  • Creative Cuts

Keep In mind that almost every groomer has his / her own name for these exact clips, so what you may be thinking of, they may be calling by another name.
  • Teddy Bear Clip: 
    A teddy bear clip is normally leaves the “Long and Fluffy” look. The length is normally a ½ inch or longer and completely scissored, not clippered down and then scissored as a finishing cut after the bath. Keep in mind that under certain circumstances a teddy bear can be adjusted in length to suit the owner’s preference and can be shortened but maintain the “long and fluffy” look.
  • Lamb Clip: 
    A lamb clip leaves the back, neck and belly a shorter length (about 3/8” or ¼”) and the head, tail and legs are hand scissored and left neatly formed and fluffy. Again, this hair style can be left longer or shorter depending on personal preference.
  • Kennel Clip: 
    A Kennel Clip leaves the entire body one length all over leaving the Head, face and tail to scissor. Depending on your preference there are different lengths of kennel clips. Starting at about a ½” and ranging to as short as 1/16” there are even shorter but normally aren’t recommended to be used unless the dog has extreme matting and has no other alternative.
  • Breed Clip 
    A breed clip is basically the specific hairstyle your specific purebred dog would have. Each breed would have their own style and would be either a scissored or a clipped pattern.
  • Bath & Tidy: 
    A bath and tidy is what a short coated breed would receive, A long coated breed without any standard patterns or a dog in between hair cuts. A bath and tidy consist of; A Bath, Blow dry, Nail Trim, Cleaning of the ears, Clear hair from Sanitary areas such as Groin and bum, Light trim on feet and featherings and clean up eyes and face.
Creative Cuts 

A Creative Cut is a clip that is not a standardized breed clip. This clip is really more of an extension of your groomers creative side and can entail just about anything your mind can think up. Creative cuts can be shaved or scissored into any non specific specialized breed clip.